NHS Electronic Prescriptions

What is the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

Prescriptions in England are going paperless.

Instead of your GP giving you a prescription on paper, they will electronically send it straight to our online pharmacy (or any pharmacy of your choice) as part of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

This service is gradually being rolled out across GP surgeries and pharmacies in England and Wales. You can choose to have your prescriptions sent to our Mail Order Pharmacy which is offering the service.

How will the NHS Electronic Prescription Service help me?

You may find this service particularly beneficial if you receive regular prescriptions. This service will mean you don't have to collect your repeat prescription from your GP's surgery between check-ups.

How will I know if I can use the service?

Your GP will be able to tell you where the service is already being offered. Our Mail Order Pharmacy already offers this service.

The service can be used for:

  • Repeat prescriptions in England
  • One-off prescriptions in England

The service cannot be used for:

  • Private prescriptions
  • Veterinary prescriptions

What should I do next?

If you live in England, and can choose Infohealth as your pharmacy, here's what to do next:

  • Whether or not the NHS Electronic Prescription Service is already being offered by your GP, you can choose in advance that you would like your prescriptions to be sent to Infohealth. You will then be ready to use the service once it is available at your GP surgery. To choose Infohealth, you can either create a new account here or login in to your existing account here. Once you have created your account you will need to do the following:
  • Enter your doctors Details

    Click on Electronic Prescriptions as shown on the side menu bar (see animation below) and provide us with your nomination and which branch you would like to use to dispatch your medicines.

  • Once you have submitted the electronic form, we'll do the rest.*
  • As soon as the service is offered by your GP's surgery, we will be able to process your prescriptions.


When you are ready to place an order for your regular medicines, you can either:

  • Inform us what you need and we will request your medicines
  • You can request the medicines you need directly from your GP Surgery
  • After 48 Hours the prescription will arrive to us electronically.
  • Our Pharmacist and Dispensers will assemble, prepare and check your medicines and then send out for delivery. Prescriptions are delivered securely and discreetly right to your door step, using the Royal Mail Signed-For Service, completely FREE of Charge.